Visiting Patmos for the first time, our first stop will drive us directly to the Holy Cave of Apocalypses, which is the second most important place for Christianity after Jerusalem. It is a 10 minutes walk to a very old and spiritual rock where St John saw the vision and wrote the last chapter of the New Testament. Our second visit would be in the very old town of Chora, which is Patmos capital, to the castle of St John walking through very old narrow roads. Hiking Paths will lead us to Psilli Ammos which cannot be reached by vehicles so as to breathe the freshness of air.
Combining all these spiritual visits we will enjoy the sunset with a 70% panoramic view of Patmos at the renovated and fully functional Windmills.
We would then taste the local products, we will enjoy local bio Wine from Mr Zisiadis , we will taste goat Cheese which is prepared every morning by Mr. Aristides, local honey provided by Mr. Yiorgos and local Cheese Pie and Pougki by Christodoulos.
For a unique swim we would go to Psili Ammos, which is next to Kouvari a protected anchorage and then we would dine either in Loza where exciting view waits us, or Vangelis at the picturesque square of Chora or Lampi by the sea. The word Simplicity can describe Patmos and that is it’s uniqueness…

Yannis and Angela in Patmos at Sunset