The Greek sandal has been present in illustrations dating back thousands of years, constantly evolving, being updated with modern design and new materials, they are always on trend during the summer months, here are our picks of sandal and bag designers that are standing out for us currently:, Τheir trademark is a mix – and – match of naturally tanned leather and colorful details such as traditionally painted trims and ceramic beads, friendship macramé and pom poms, gold plated charms, even semiprecious stones and swarovski crystals., Our goal is to offer high end Greek leather sandals with minimalistic aesthetics, combining the classic with the modern. , Our philosophy has been built upon the principles of art, endless creativity, age-old tradition and uniqueness. The beauty of long-standing craftsmanship is reborn with the natural materials and handmade techniques we adopt to create unique goods.,In the era of fast, mass production and the “cheap” consumables, we insist in the beauty of hand-made products that withstand time.

Our sandals are inspired from the beauty of ancient Greek designs and created with the contemporary needs in mind., Every bag is handmade by exceptionally skilled craftsmen making each one unique. The woven part that is made of cotton and acrylic threads is combined with leather, suede or canvas, depending on the season and concept.