I am pleased to be writing from a locked down Greece where, in spite of all the problems Corona Virus has brought and all of those that have lost their lives, something no one can take lightly, has done very well in this Crisis. A decisive government lead by the information provided by distinguished scientists recognized and widely praised from outside Greece, have meant that many Greeks have been saved from this awful virus and the country has the situation very much under control.

Many plaudits have been written, in the Times of London yesterday for instance, saying how amazing it is that Greece has been so well organized and how much the Greek population has committed to the lockdown. And indeed that has been our experience with people being very careful throughout the country.

At the moment Greece is closed to almost all traffic by land, air or sea but there is light and today the government stated that they will be planning some measured reduction in the lockdown, hoping to allow some visitors to the country this summer.

This will be a gradual process and as we have more information, we will let everyone know when and under what conditions it will be allowed for people to again visit this extraordinary country.

We look forward to welcoming people to Greece this summer again and will do all we can to facilitate their stays as we have done for many, many years.