Ben’s Ben’s long sailing career started in Greece –

I first arrived in Corfu in march 1979 to teach sailing and windsurfing in Paxos and Levkas at the end of the summer I went back to Corfu to work the winter as a refit engineer for a flotilla company, after which I spent a further four years in Greece in the Ionian, Saronic, Sporades and the whole Aegean, first working with Roger Stafford in 1983 when he had a brief involvement with the flotilla industry.

In 1984 I joined the Superyacht industry in Mallorca which was very much in its infancy and worked as the engineer on a 38m sailing yacht which in those days was a massive yacht, after that I went to Holland to oversee the construction of a sailing yacht for the Latsis family for whom I worked for two years.

After this I went back to being a Captain and started a career pf 30 years sailing the worlds oceans, amassing over 500,000 nautical miles as Captain and circumnavigating the world numerous times, visiting incredible places, very diverse countries and also diving on many unknown reefs in out of the way places. At the same time experiencing many different cultures, customs and people.

Greece has always lured Ben back –

However, Greece has always drawn me back time and time again with its unique mix of history, islands and mainland anchorages each one different and offering very different experiences however all of them have the same thing in common, the warmth and hospitality of the Greek people. Also even in the height of the summer it is still possible to find many quiet and secluded bays which in the Mediterranean is very difficult nowadays. Add to this wonderful local produce, cuisine and wine and you can see the attraction.

A recent addition to the A1 team –
I recently joined the team of A1 and I am looking forward to sharing my passion and knowledge of Greece with our clients and am very excited about developing new challenges in the coming months.

Some of Ben’s favourite places in the Ionian –

My four favourite spots in the Ionian would be Agni bay on Corfu, wonderful clear waters and a choice of great tavernas ashore. Longos on Paxos is a quiet and charming little village with an attractive harbour surrounded by olive groves and cypress trees with once again lovely clear and transparent waters for swimming. The harbour of Kostas and the bays to the west of the harbour are also very peaceful and relaxing a real southern Ionian gem. Lastly it would have to be the anchorage south of the island of Zante in front of the monastery at Strofades, you need to get a permit to visit but in settled weather it is fantastic.