Celebrating 20 years of A1 are the three founders who come from the two families Polemis and Pavlatos.

In 1999 the two companies, who had both begun life as Camper and Nicholson offices in Greece, run by Klaus Kuch. When he decided to return to Germany to dedicate himself to new builds, George Zaimis  and Andreas Polemis took over his office in Athens and Makis and Rosemary Pavlatos the office in Rhodes. They had worked together to their mutual benefit, for many years, so when a yacht asked for help, having had a serious accident, it was natural for Makis to turn to the Sea Trade office for help. Together Yacht Agency and Sea Trade effected a repair of a quality which astonished the American Lloyd surveyor who attended to certify that the repair conformed to the Lloyds A1 status of the yacht.


And it took just a short time from then to opening A1 together with the aim of providing the best possible service to clients from agency, brokerage, charter and of course refit and repair among the many services A1 offers. A1 was the first of its kind in Greece and remains the largest agency in Greece and the only agency offering such a broad range of services. A1 is still set apart by its dedication to quality of service, recognized as offering reliable information and support in a, sometimes challenging, but supremely attractive area.

Andreas Polemis and Rosemary Pavlatou founded A1 with Makis in 2000, which they continue to run together. George Zaimis retired from active participation leaving the trio to develop the company from its initial idea to the company it is now with over 50 offices throughout the country and a wide range of services covering all the major needs of a yacht visiting the country. Several members of both families have joined the team at A1 giving the company a young cohort for the future in addition to the vibrant team that make up A1.

 A1 has grown out of all recognition to the small company it was in 2000 when it opened and now not only covers Greece and Cyprus but is a major shareholder and founder of BWA Yachting which covers a huge proportion of their clients’ preferred cruising grounds.

At twenty years, the partners could not be prouder of the team they have collected around them and the way in which A1 has grown over the years, as well as huge gratitude to the loyal clients who support A1. Celebrations were planned for this year which have been thwarted by current circumstances but we will celebrate together – sometime in the future. As always, here at A1, we look forward and plan for the future!