Back in 2001, I was working in cruising industry and I was exploring the next step in my career, when my ex director who’s opinion I totally trusted, suggested yachting industry and specifically a Consortium between the strongest companies in Greece that decided to combine forces and form a new company under the name of A1 Yacht Trade Consortium.


My first interview, was conducted in Rhodes island, by Rosemary Pavlatou my mentor, one of the directors and owners of A1, during the month of August and of course in English language! Apparently, it all went well as I immediately joined A1 as charter broker, in their new offices in Marina Zeas, being one of the first employees stepping in the brand-new office. At that point I really could not imagine that it would be a lifetime commitment counting 20 years today as I believed that at one point I would want to change environment and position but A1 and especially charter department never seized to amaze me…

In the beginning, when I stepped in my first Mega Yacht in Zea Marina, I was astonished by the organization, the beauty and the multinationalism of the industry. I was learning each day new things, how to evaluate charter yachts and crew, how to build relations with clients and how to oversee everything from start to finish. There are no typical days at work, as every day I am faced with challenges and most of them have no precedent. Matching clients to the right vessel and crew is really demanding but the greatest recognition is when the clients express their intentions to rebook for next year even before they disembark!

In my job I love those challenges, I enjoy meeting new persons, I adore travelling and although throughout the years so many unexpected issues occurred, we succeeded the best outcome for our clients which is the best payment to our work.

Because of the pressive nature of being a charter broker, working around the clock, especially during summer season, I choose to relax doing yoga, cooking and travelling with my family.