When did you join A1? 

Makis Pavlatos and I have been working together since 1995. A1 was started in 2000 and I joined the company shortly after.


Where were you?

I was initially managing my own travel agency office in Paros. We have been active in tourism since 1992 and started the cooperation with A1 after its foundation adding yacht agency to my other daily tasks. Of course, things were less busy then, yachts were smaller and there were fewer of them, allowing us all to adjust and grow with the yachts.


Your move to Mykonos was seminal. Would you like to share your experiences?

Taking to the Mykonos office was one of the biggest challenges of my life. The office I walked into was 25 square meters and was operated by one employee. Today, after 10 years of hard work and persistence, our office is over 15 times that size and employs 17 people. We have increased hugely, the variety of services we offer which includes transport using our 12 privately owned cars.  As a result, we can proudly call ourselves the largest yacht agency in the Cyclades.


I have one “golden” rule.  The client is the most important part of the equation and whatever we do we never lose sight of the client’s’ point of view. To achieve the level of service our clients demand and deserve, has been challenging but also rewarding. Everyday is a new challenge and every client has their own needs and wishes. That makes every day a fresh challenge keeping the whole team on their toes and happy to have such variety in their work!

What were the challenges?

Managing a larger office than the one I was used to meant establishing a new network of suppliers that could support the high standard requirements of my clientele. It also meant building a team that would provide the highest caliber of service and support to even the most demanding customers in the yachting business. We managed it though and have a fine team of which I am extremely proud.



What are the best places in Mykonos as far as you are concerned? 

Despite being a small island, Mykonos has a variety of fine restaurants, beautiful beaches and unique entertainment venues.  My favorite places for relaxation are Panormos and Kalo Livadi beach as well as the stunning island of Rineia which lies very close to Mykonos.


What do you like to do to relax?

Despite being a workaholic, I am starting to enjoy more downtime as I get older. A few years ago, I started learning how to play the drums, which I greatly enjoy. It develops my concentration and coordination skills, whilst also giving me a sense of relaxation and clarity.


Reading is also a pastime I find relaxing and rewarding. I tend to read books by great business founders in different industries, which helps me think more creatively and logically.

Physical activity is important for me as well. I really enjoy cycling and do it regularly. Physical health and mental health are interconnected, and I try to nurture both.