Gina Polemi’s account of how she dealt with this very trying past season


“Writing down a feedback of the past season, you feel that a lot of things were missing in comparison to the other 20 years of experience, being of service to valuable clients-friends.

Having in mind that meeting and greeting captains, crew or even owners, is my favorite part of my job in my daily time schedule, I felt very sorry that I couldn’t be “warm” enough and express my feelings to them.

The year of 2020 won’t be forgotten by anyone, even when this pandemic goes away for good. You can’t forget when “this” was slowly starting to approach, you were firstly afraid for your family’s life and your own, a second thought was to call your friends/clients sending messages and WhatsApp’s. You were relieved when the reply was coming back and all were safe!

Working from home was a challenge, nothing was the same, you couldn’t discuss with your colleagues in person to exchange opinions, the update to friends/clients with the hundreds of Gazettes that were coming in force every single day, with restrictions, restrictions, restrictions…trying to simplify their wording and communicate all to them, who were desperate to receive an update from you.

After managing a marathon of emails, to the relevant Ministers, yachts started slowly visiting your country and it was already mid-summer (!). What a strange feeling to see Greek boats stacked inside the marinas not going anywhere, passing boats visiting mostly the Ionian part of Greece, ” ready to depart” if something bad would arise, clients with NON European Nationalities asking to have permission to enjoy our beautiful blue waters and finally you feeling sometimes mad with all this madness, sometimes afraid on the other hand, having to protect “the spread”.

Wearing masks all day long, is absolutely required, but you cannot see the smiles of your friends/clients which is something we NEED in these hard times.

Hope I can see them, in the promising season of 2021