Captain Ben Marshall decided at the beginning of 2020 to challenge himself in a new field within the yachting industry and jump from his role as a superyacht Captain of 25 years to an on shore yacht agent on a small Greek island, Corfu. We at A1 have really enjoyed having him join our team, we have learned a lot from him, utilized his cruising knowledge and are certain there is a very exciting future for him with us.

Ben wrote his top thoughts and comments on his experience of switching roles, during the challenging season of 2020 no less.

Switching sides…………

  1. What a crazy year to change from Captaincy to Agency, I realised that there was a lot of bureaucracy in Greece but this year was obviously a little different with the rules changing on a weekly basis due to Covid and Corfu being a popular spot to enter Greece made things very interesting.
  2. The provisioning orders were also challenging this year as at the start of the season a lot of top end products were not difficult to get, they were non existent.
  3. I was not aware of the logistics involved of procuring spares as once again this year being stranger than normal and no one having anything in stock.
  4. The quality of the organic products available in Corfu and especially the oils, herbs, vegetables, fish and cheeses.
  5. The unbelievable quality of the Greek wines which just gets better by the year.
  6. The quality of the restaurants in Corfu is amazing.
  7. The standard of the Corfiot engineering shops and support technicians was also very impressive.
  8. The warmth of the Greek and Corfiot people never ceases to amaze me and their willingness to find a solution to any problem that might be encountered.