A1 Chios

28, Kanari Street, 82100 Chios

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Argiro Spanoliou: +30 6945384338

Part of a group of islands in eastern Aegean, Chios is a truly distinguished Hellenic island in both Aegean history and Mediterranean events. Today, Chian culture comprises a mixture of elements from the Byzantine dominance, Genoese ruling and the Ottoman empire, enriched with more recent trends, where Christian monuments and the unique architectural landscape at Kambos stand out.

Chios, the island of mastic, the inexplicably aromatic juice from lantisk, with a rugged coastline encompassed with lookouts, castles and a fertile inland, studded with fortified settlements, monasteries and country churches, is as diverse as any island could be. This double-natured character, combined with Chios’ stable land establishment and its board opening to the sea, give this town a double feeling of infinitude, in terms of time and horizons.