A1 Kythnos

Merichas Kythnou, 84006 Kythnos

E-mail: kythnos@a1yachting.com

Dimitris Gonidakis: +30 6945458002

Antonis Gonidakis: +30 6977274261

Channel 12

Kythnos is an island of 99.3 square kilometres and coastline about 104 km in the Cyclades between Kea and Serifos, 56 nautical miles from Piraeus and 26 nautical miles from the port of Lavrio. The main port is Merichas next to the truly impressive and unique beach Kolona (a strip of sand connecting the Kythnos island Ag.Louka). In Mericha you will find traditional tavernas, restaurants, cafes, clubs, souvenirs etc. and famous for its fishing so you will surely enjoy sampling some fresh fish. Kithnos was called Thermia, at least since the 12th century due to the hot springs that still exist  today, in the bay of the Baths. The springs of Kythnos were said to be used by King Otto and Queen Amalia (1837-1862). In Loutra there is a marina for yachts as well as tavernas, restaurants and cafes.