In light of the current situation with people being restricted due to Covid 19, the summer season seems far away to most of us.

Thinking of and planning for better times however, always seems to help during difficulties so perhaps this is a timely moment to remind people of the glorious weather experienced in the south west of Greece and in Cyprus during the later months of September and October, even into November. Personally, this has always been my favourite time in Greece with less intense heat during the day, cooler, more comfortable evenings but still-warm sea for swimming. A perfect time and place to visit after weeks of boredom and inactivity!

Small bays, remote beaches and tiny islands abound in Greece where you can be assured of a secure and private time when you want it. Most facilities remain open until much later in this area so restaurants and shops, monuments and museums and of course all manner of sports, would be available for those who want them. Private visits can always be arranged by our concierge team, on request.