Greece has done exceptionally well in maintaining the numbers of virus suffers to a very low rate so far. The very good regulations brought in at a timely manner, has meant that everything has gone very well. Now there is talk of ‘after’ the virus.
We await a decision on 27th April which is expected, unless something radically changes in the meantime, that there will be a gradual move to more normal movement.
We have seen that some flights, for instance, are being offered in June and we understand that the plan for tourism to commence is being discussed. It is likely that temperatures will be taken or tests of some kind will be mandatory at the borders. All of this will become clear at a later date.

For the moment the message is that Greece has managed this time well and as a consequence may be considered one of the safest places in Europe. The many islands mean there is a lot of choice and a variety of places to escape crowds. There is scope for dining exclusively at a restaurant or taverna, booking the entire place for your guests to ensure the safest of environments. There are all kinds of things for guests to enjoy things without coming into undue contact with others. Many shops, historical sites and entertainments can be visited privately for instance. Just ask our concierge specialists.
Greece, as many London newspapers have recently written, is the perfect place to retreat to this summer. And we are waiting to welcome you: when the time is right.

More news when the decisions have been made.
Until then, remain safe and keep well.