During this strange and unsettling time, we hope that all of our clients and friends are well and safe. We look forward, more than ever before, after so much time in lockdown, to seeing all of you back in Greece this summer!

We are in the happy situation of being able to write that Greece has so far done very well and looks set to, very carefully, be opening up in the coming months.

We await a full timeline on opening but we are confident that in the coming week or so, we will have confirmation of the plan and will be able to help you all plan your trips very soon.

For the moment we are still in lockdown and no yachts can enter Greece this week unfortunately but we are investigating issues such as onboard testing and other supporting services to ensure that guests and crew feel as safe and supported as possible when it is possible for them to visit. Our list of places that plan to open this summer is underway and will be available to clients as we discuss itineraries.

As you all know, we at A1 are constantly monitoring the government output and will let you all know as and when things change, as soon as we can do so, to keep you as up to date as possible.