“Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it”

The times we are living in, have somehow made us feel something like this. Each time, more than often nowadays, we are presented with new information and new parameters, our stone. With our esteemed clients so far we work around these perceived difficulties and complexities to finally reach the desired end result, our statue.

With airports closed, lockdowns or simply the risk/factor when traveling, the challenges we faced were many. Rerouting of flights to meet viewing dates and strict Covid protocols for every country/yacht were simply the immediate effects in our daily work. However utilisation of new technologies and apps have been tools that allowed us to keep contact with everyone active in the yacht brokerage market and close deals. We have gladly witnessed that our investment in new technologies many years back, has helped us stay in sync with our changing world.

What is particularly interesting and encouraging in such tricky times, is the fact that the tricky times themselves have somehow “pushed” the indecisive buyers into making a decision. Curiosity from new clients wanting to know more about superyacht ownership has also risen, something nice for the long term dynamics of our market.

Undoubtedly, superyacht life will remain the ultimate isolation platform for being with those very people one cares for, in absolute safety and style while providing at the same time a relevant mobility. This simple truth will guide us through uncertainty.

Article by our in house sales broker George Hapipis