A year after Covid first appeared, we are gearing up for the second pandemic summer season, better armed, better prepared, with more knowledge and hopefully more vaccines during the summer months.

Greece is rolling out its vaccination program in a different way to some other countries, taking into account the many inhabited islands, more than 200, makes it logical to differentiate and thus this has resulted in the first Covid free islands.

Kastellorizo, Chalki, Kasos, Nisiros, Kalamos & Kastos are some of the small islands where all of its inhabitants have been fully vaccinated or will be in the coming weeks, meaning they will be completely covid free in the next few weeks and return to normality ahead of the rest of the population!

The government is working to prioritise all that work in tourism and on all the islands, we are hopeful that this summer will be a lot safer and closer to normality than the last one!

Working on becoming a Covid free country, looking forward to welcoming our yacht clients back as soon as possible!