New Legislation for VAT on 2021 charters in Greece




As has been expected the VAT legislation introduced last year, and suspended because of the COVID pandemic, has been reintroduced. All yachts, including Greek flagged yachts and yachts with charter licenses, are included in the legislation but those newly affected will be visiting yachts without a charter license as these, for the first time, will be liable for VAT on charters they are carrying out in Greek waters.
The base rate in Greece is 24%.
We continue to discuss this legislation with the government but as of now, this is the legislation which applies to VAT on charters in Greek waters. We are also continuing to work closely with the authorities and involved ministries regarding the lifting of the cabotage law

in Greece and we are making progress on this front.
As there are no doubt many questions we will hold webinars next week and try to answer as many of your questions as we can.
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