A1 Cephalonia

115 Ant. Tritsi Str. Argostoli, 28100 Cephalonia

E-mail: cephalonia@a1yachting.com

Eliza Georgatou: +30 6944297587

Dionysis: +30 6944540691

Channel 73

The largest of the Ionian islands, situated at the outlet of Patraicos Gulf in between the islands of Zakynthos and Lefkada.

Innumerable colourful flowers and fruit trees cover Cephalonia, filling it with exceptional fragrances. Endless gulfs, and lacy shores embraced by a deep blue sea surrounding the island.
Visit the famous turquoise bay of Myrtos renowned for its small white pebble beach, the island’s many natural wonders like the partially covered subterranean lake at the cave of Melissani and the stalactites of Drogarati.
Spend an afternoon at the well-kept colorful traditional village of Fiscardo, walk around its picturesque narrow paths and try dinner at a typical local restaurant
Drop anchor in the peninsula of Assos and you will make an unforgettable memory of a beautiful summer sunset.
In the bay of Antissamos, at the east of the island you can swim surrounded by the scenery from the famous film ‘Captain Corelli’s Mandolin’
Yachts can visit secluded beaches where other tourists do not have access, so privacy is guaranteed.