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Kea, also known as Tzia, is an island of the Cyclades very close to Attica. The capital of the island is Ioulis, a picturesque village where no cars are allowed, whereas the central port is Korissia. Kea is not as well known as other islands of the Cyclades, which is why visitors enjoy the calm and the marvellous natural surroundings of the island. The trails of Kea are unique. Paved roads follow the routes of the ancient streets which connected the four ancient cities of the island. These trails go through forests of oak trees, pass springs of fresh water, old country churches, cottages and ancient towers and most of them end up at coastal villages. Amongst its most popular sites is Ioulis famous for its stone-carved lion, Vourkari with fresh fish and seafood taverns and the Kastriani church with the miraculous icon of the Virgin and Koundouros, with beautiful little bays.