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This emerald and mountainous island is located in between Corfu and Cefalonia, covered with olive groves, vineyards and small forests. Its eastern coast slopes gently down the sea, dotted with 24 small satellite islands, including the tranquil Meganisi, with its turquoise bays; Kalamos and Kastos, where forests of pine and cypress go right down to the sea; and the famous, Onassis-owned, island of Skorpios. Only the first three mentioned are those with permanent residents. The city of Lefkada is built on a natural harbour with distinctive multicoloured wooden houses, a 13th century castle and 18th century churches. Small traditional villages and the very famous paradise beaches Porto Katsiki and Egremni which are considered to be two of the best beaches in the Mediterranean according to an internet vote. The cosmopolitan Nidri and Vassiliki, are thought to be among Europe’s best locations for windsurfing. The Augusts’ international Folklore Festival of Lefkada is the most ancient cultural constitution of the country, in dance and music of the traditional heritage worldwide with Pan Hellenic and international recognition.

Transport by road to Lefkada is very convenient with a moving bridge connecting the island to the mainland. This makes visiting Preveza or Parga very easy and offers the opportunity to explore these two interesting archaeological (ancient Nicopoli) destinations without spending more than 30 – 45 minutes travelling. Lefkada is a port of entry (clearin/out).