We have been involved in yacht agency here in Greece, since before it had a name! We were just ‘helping’ clients. As yachts grew, so did their needs …. as did we. For years we were considered as a part of the crew ashore by our friends and clients supplying them with information and smoothing the way for them in any way we could, not least with language issues! This is the part of our business we strive to continue and which has made us local experts that so many people recognize and rely on.

Today, with the advent of ever-larger yachts, travelling the globe, we offer a complete range of services for all of our clients. The industry has become more professional in general and we now have a large, well-trained staff who can all call on the experience that has been amassed over the years in every part of our business. That allows you to be sure that whoever you speak to, they can get the answer for you even if they don’t themselves know. Our online system makes life easier for everyone and allows us to keep you up to date with your billing.



Our own, A1 Provisioning, delivers top-quality supplies to order almost anywhere in Greece

A1 will support you throughout Greece. We maintain a host of offices throughout the country to enable us to give a personal service in even the most out-of-the-way places in Greece and Cyprus. You are always welcome to drop in to our office and we will be delighted to see you.

So, contact us and we will all do everything possible to make your time in Greece plain sailing.

To contact us directly, call us on +30 22410 01000 or +30 210 458 7100 or email us at