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About us

About A1 group

Our Heritage

A1 is basically the story of two families, Polemis and Pavlatos. Yacht Agency and Sea Trade Marine, the companies these families were involved in, joined forces after a yacht called for help needing an extensive emergency repair. This time spent working together effecting the repair led naturally to them joining forces on a permanent basis.

The repair having been to Lloyds A1 gave a clue to the naming of the new enterprise.


Twenty years on A1 is still delivering the highest level of service in all departments. A1 has grown a bit since then but the aims remain the same; the best service that is possible together with the best professionals available.

Who we are

Our driving force

Ever since its conception, A1 has thrived through the decades in no small part thanks to one deciding factor. Our people.

Dedicated and driven individuals that offer the personal approach that distinguishes us from the competition. Who at the same time come together as a group in order to be able to offer their exceptional services to our clients throughout Greece.