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Whether you are buying or selling a yacht A1 can help you. Whether you are trying to find a buyer for your existing yacht or to find the yacht of your dreams our brokers can help you through the process.

Try before you buy

If you have not had experience of the kind of yacht you are considering, why not charter to ensure that this type of yacht is right for you? Our charter department can arrange a charter on whatever kind of yacht you wish to try.


While you are in the selection process, your broker will be available to you at all times, helping you find the right questions to ask to make sure that the yacht you buy is right for you. Our extensive network allows us to offer yachts on the market and some yachts that have not yet been advertised.

If you do opt for a new build, we can introduce you to a wide variety of shipyards builders  and help with the extensive planning a new yacht requires, from selection of designer and yard, through design to completion.


Sea-trials and surveys. Our team will be available to help and arrange sea trials, with the correct personnel onboard, testing systems and ensuring that everything onboard is as it should be.


We advise on the selection of a professional marine surveyor while also making all arrangements from haul-out to survey/sea trials and can organize every technical aspect requested by a potential buyer in order to be comfortable with their purchase.


Among the many considerations at this time are how you intend to use your yacht. For instance, do you plan to use the yacht exclusively privately or would you want to charter the yacht as well? Our legal department together with our charter department can help with information about charter and what is involved to ensure you are prepared and have all the information to make an informed choice with no surprises later.


Our in-house maritime lawyer can help with any related legal issues. Final decisions together with assistance from the best professionals available, are made with the continuous involvement of our brokerage team to ensure that any adopted contract represents your best interests.

A1 will be with you all the way from inception to completion.

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