Yacht Charter and beyond

This is a time to let imagination loose.

Do you imagine yourself on an intimate sailing yacht? A sleek, extravagant motor yacht?  Or something else altogether?

Whatever your answers we will find the yacht that will best suit you. With a large network and intimate local knowledge, we are ideally placed to advise on yachts in the Eastern Mediterranean; our specialist area.

What do you want to experience while on your charter?

Exciting nightlife?

In Greece the nightlife goes on to morning. There are plenty of places to enjoy local nightlife but only one Mykonos. IF you love nightlife you will love Mykonos and we can arrange the best of the best there for you.

Remote sandy beaches?

For a swim for the children to play or for a beach picnic, there is nothing like having the beach to yourself with everything on hand from your yacht to make the most of being there.

Exploring villages, countryside, local artisan shops?

Do you want to try diving, rock climbing, water skiing, kite surfing? All kinds of challenges and sports can be arranged from the very simple to the most organized dive and much more.

Discovering historical sites?

Greece abounds with historical sites and visiting those is part of the whole experience. We can go one better with arranging private viewings, experiences that bring history to life, almost literally. Everything and anything is possible – given time.

A big event for a special celebration?

Onboard experiences can be as simple as a massage or yoga session, an onboard local cookery lesson or having fun on the yachts water toys. Or something more extravagant such as onboard concerts, virtual experiences; A1 can arrange anything indeed, that you can imagine and some things you may not have imagined.

Going somewhere off-the-beaten track?

We excel at these.

We will ask lots of questions to help us work out which yacht would most suit you.  But let us know what you really want to happen during your trip. And you will have lots of questions about the yacht, the crew and the area you are going to cruise in, so we will be doing a lot of talking.

Selecting a yacht; we don’t list yachts on our site as their location and availability change all the time and we don’t want you to waste your time selecting from a wide range of yachts that may not even be available or even suitable. We don’t expect you to do this.

We do the work, selecting yachts from a wide range, (we are completely independent and don’t represent any of the yachts you will be offered) after which we send you details of yachts that have been checked as suitable and available, based on your needs.

Organisation; we can arrange every detail of your charter for you – the only constraint is the lead-in time. The more time we have the better service can be arranged for you. Doing things at the last minute and not being kept to a timetable, is one of the great freedoms of yacht charter but if you have some really important aspects of your trip that would disappoint you should they not happen, do let us know as early as possible, so what we can secure them – and you are then free to carry on without having to consider them again.

Completely independent with decades of experience and intimate knowledge of Greece, a life-time of contacts, we can get things done if they are possible to do, to ensure that your charter is tailored individually to your expectations.


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