Yacht charter in the Greek islands is one of life’s pleasures that should not deny yourself. The quintessential cruising ground of the Mediterranean Greece triggers so many amazing images with its beautiful seas, its hosts of islands, its history and of course the legendary Mediterranean diet which some believe to be a secret of good health and longevity. Geographically Greece is so simple with islands within striking distance of one another- often the next island is visible from the previous one making time at sea negligible and each with a character of its own; the Ionian verdant and calm, the Cyclades full of rocky coastlines and sugar-cube houses with a wide variety in other areas ripe or discovery. And between the islands there is plenty of space to enjoy a long sail for those who wish, of course.

There is little to compare to swimming from a yacht in a small bay with sparkling clear water beneath and just the faintest tinkle of goat-bells from the shore.


You could almost believe that the world was yours alone! And that is just one of the many joys on offer with a charter in Greece. Swimming alone, or if you are lucky, with dolphins who still frequently follow yachts in the Greek seas. They seem to like the engine noise.

And when you have had enough of your own company there are of course islands with local festivals, there are busier islands with some nice villages for a spot of local shopping. Or you might like to spend some time in Athens or Mykonos to enjoy a super dinner ashore at a spectacular restaurant and then on to a full blown party place where the nightlife goes on all night. Greeks like to party and they do it very well!


And for those who want something extra special; imagination is the only limitation. Let us create an experience for you while onboard, anything from a party to an adventurous diving experience with an introduction to the dive site’s history before you dive.

An archaeologist to accompany you around a selected route to discover a specific period in history or follow the a story, a Medieval re-enactment, an ancient Greek experience complete with costumes and food, sky diving, helicopter trips to inaccessible places…. Let us know and we can organize every aspect of your time in Greece to make sure it is unforgettable – in YOUR individual way.

So it is for you to choose what mix of these you want, how lively or quiet you would like to be and we do the rest.

Contact us and we will talk you through the options of yachts until you are comfortable with the selected yacht and crew, whatever you might dream of. During the selection process and we will be with you to guide you and then we will arrange everything you need to enjoy your time in Greece to the optimum. Every detail will be organised for you in coordination with the captain of your chosen yacht. And for the whole time you are on charter, we will support the yacht at all times, helping the crew to provide whatever it is you might need.

We know that a yacht cannot be selected online. Our site is designed to whet your appetite for a wonderful, yacht charter holiday. To save your time we do the searching not you. We will offer only the yachts most closely suited to your wishes. You choose to either talk to us directly of send as many details of you and your party to us as possible and in return we will send you the best selection of yachts individually chosen for you. All of the yachts we offer are professional yachts which adhere to the highest standards and are scrupulously selected.

contact us for details of our


You will also receive expert help in planning your itinerary and as well as every detail of your trip to Greece. Always at your side, A1 is the only charter company with a network of over 50 offices throughout the country to assist you in every way, where ever you might choose to go.

Please consult our destinations section or you can read some of our location information and some pre-published articles to get you in the mood for a memorable yacht charter in Greece, Turkey, Croatia and beyond.

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